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Oct 28-30, 2024
Arlington, VA
Oct 28-30, 2024
Arlington, VA
VP and GM of Conversational Commerce, Walmart
CEO & President, Veritone
Head of Data & AI Design, J.P. Morgan
Go-to-Market Team, OpenAI
CEO and Founder, Kore.ai
Bestselling Author and Speaker
Senior Enterprise Advocate, GitHub
Head of Convesational AI, Verizon
Sr. Software Product Manager, NVIDIA
Strategic Partnerships, Senior Manager, NVIDIA
U.S. Representative, VA-8
Global AI Solutions Lead, Accenture
Go to Market, USA, Eleven Labs
SVP and Head of Product, Gannett Media
Founder & Chief Product Architect, black dream ai
Senior Vice President, Development and Engineering Platforms, Dell Technologies
Administrative Director of Innovation and IT Clinical Systems, Houston Methodist
Vice President of Ecosystem and Business Development, Tabnine
AI Services Director, Welocalize & Host of "You & AI"
Head of Global Growth & Strategy, RadiusAI
Co-CEO and Co-Founder, RadiusAI
Manager, Content and Conversation Design, Capital One
AI Investor, Samsung Next
SVP, General Manager Commercial Enterprise, Veritone
Conversation Design Lead, Comcast
Field CTO, Public Sector, GitHub
VP, Deputy CSO, GitHub
Lead Algorithm Data Scientist, PandoLogic, a Veritone company
Conversation Designer / Product Owner, Roche
VP of Voice & Accessibility, Veritone
Founder & Managing Director, Freshriver.ai
CEO and Founder, Voicebot.ai
CEO, WillowTree
Conversation Designer, Captial One
Director of Growth, Descript
Chief Product Officer, Amelia
Founder and CEO, Knownwell
Voice Actor, Voice of Ash Ketchum, "Pokemon"
Cloud Advisory Associate Director, Accenture
Digital Innovation Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways
CEO, VUX World
Senior Developer Evangelist, Samsung
Co-Founder, Yüda.io
Co-Founder, Yüda.io
Chief Innovation Officer, Journey
Director of AI/ML and Zeus Technology, The Washington Post
Senior Conversation Designer, Amazon
Product Manager, Curiosity Robotics
Principal, Investment, Scale Venture Partners
Managing Director, Life Sciences & Health Care, Deloitte
Lead Conversational AI Consultant, Google
Conversation Designer, General Motors
Co-Founder and CEO, Yobe
Conversational User Interface Designer/Analyst, Freeclimb from VAIL
Voice Actor & Original TikTok TTS Voice
Founding Partner, Outpost Capital
Senior Solutions Consultant and Program Manager, Google
Head of ML, Voiceflow
Senior Technology Evangelist, Cognigy
Director of Product Management, Pearson
CEO, Vixen Labs
CEO and Co-Founder, ID R&D
Owner and Podcast Host, Anne Ganguzza Voice Productions
Chairman & CEO, Opus8
Founder and CEO, UneeQ
VP Platform Development, UneeQ
Sr. Supervisor Engine Design & Systems Integration, Pratt & Whitney
Product Management Director, ID R&D
Musician, Founder & Creator, Meloscene
Chief Evangelist, HumanFirst
Principal Consultant, Natural Language AI, AWS
Sr. Director, Program Management, Veritone
Principal Product Manager, Chat & Chatbots, ADP
Software Engineer, Cisco Systems
Sr. Director, Global Omnichannel Contact Center Products & Head of Conversational AI, Moderna
Strategy Director, Vixen Labs
Chief Technology Officer, Iterate.ai
Global Director of Data Science & Operations, Black & Veatch
Executive Director, Institute for Digital Innovation (IDIA), George Mason University
Content Designer, WillowTree
Founder and CEO, Equideum Health
Principal Conversation Designer, Zendesk
Chief of Artificial Intelligence, University of Central Florida School of Medicine
Conversation Design Lead, Amelia
VP of Marketing, LXT AI
Solutions Manager, LXT AI
Founder, Labworks.io
Director, Product & AI, Ventera Corporation
Co-Founder & CEO, Private AI
CEO, Blutag
Conversational AI Consultant, Convocat
Founder & CEO, Gregory FCA
Global Tech Lead - Conversational AI Competency Partners, AWS
CEO, Sonaphi
Voice Coach & Consultant, Vocal Culture Garden
Cloud Application Developer, AWS
Founder, President and CEO, Amruta
Business Intelligence Analyst, SCVMC
Senior Product Manager, Chatbots/AI, Blue Owl
Sr. Distinguished Engineer, Dell
Founder, Reconify
Head of Global Business Development, TED Conferences
CEO, The Resource Key
CEO, Command Z
Innovator, The Knowledge Society
President, Fire&Spark
Founder, Generative Buzz
CEO, Finally Free Productions
Founder and CEO, VoiceXD
Digital Strategist and AI Engineer, IV Media
Co-Founder, Blerd Factory
Sr Responsible AI Advisor, Open Voice Network
Actor/VO Artist/Attorney
Sr Director of Innovation, SCS
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Outbound AI
Google Developer Expert, Objective Consulting
CEO and Co-Founder, AlignAI
Educator, Bytes and Bits
Cloud Solution Architect, Office of CTO, AIS
Founder, Unigram Labs
Doctoral Student, Marymount University
Owner/Principal, Synthminds
Founder and President, National Assn of Voice Actors
Voice Actor and Vice President, NAVA
Voice Actor and Board Member, NAVA
Voice Actor and Board Member, NAVA
Architect, Conversation Intelligence, Invoca
Director of Ethical AI Compliance, Merck
VP—AI Evangelist, Verint
Chief Data Scientist, Freeclimb from VAIL
CEO, Wysdom
Sr. Director, Customer Success, Wysdom
Emmy-Award Winning News Anchor, WJLA-TV
President & CEO, Melwood
COO, Poly AI
Executive Director, Open Voice Network
Senior Advisor, Open Voice Network
Founder, Conversation Design Institute
Director, Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab, UCF
Senior Director, Product Commercial Enterprise, Veritone
Founder and Executive Producer, Audiobrain
AI Innovation Leader, ex-McKinsey
Accessibility Evangelist, Flexwind
Business Development Manager, ReadSpeaker
Head of Enterprise & Partnerships, Codeium
President, ACT | The App Association
Engineering and Education Research Faculty and Director, Virginia Tech University
Co-Founder & CEO, Kahun Medical
Partner, Luminos.Law
Chat & Voice Technology Lead, Schwarz Gruppe
Global Director of AI Solutions, Amelia
General Manager Implementations and Delivery, Replicant
Account Executive, Replicant
Business Development Director, LXT AI
VP of Professional Service Ops, Verint
Director of Contact Center Sales, Audiocodes
Founder and CEO, Tiga
CEO, Dreamteams
CTO, Angaza
CEO and Founder, Helios Life Enterprises
CEO, Innovation+
Vice President of Business Development, Omilia
Digital Contacts Solution Consultant Director, PwC
Director, Pre-Sales, Global, Omilia
Vice President of Solutions, Freeclimb by Vail
CTO, VUX World
Head of Conversational AI, Cigna
VP of Partnerships and Strategic Development, Poly AI
SVP, Presidential Bank
CPO, Knowbl
Founder & CEO, Learn Prompting
Sr. Director, Architecture, Verint
Senior Conversation Design Advocate, Voiceflow
Sr. Consultant - Natural Language AI, AWS
Sr. Consultant of Natural Language AI Services, AWS
Head of Partnerships, Amazon Chime SDK, Amazon
Principal Technical Product Manager, Amazon Chime SDK, Amazon
Conversational AI Specialist, StoryFile
Partner, Revolution Growth
Co-Founder and CEO, XAPP AI
Digital Human Evangelist and Founder, Virtually Human
Principal Data Scientist, Deloitte Consulting
Product Manager, Inclusive Technology, The Estée Lauder Companies
CEO, AuraSense
Director of Infrastructure & Security, Cohere
Managing Partner, Ruxton Ventures
Senior Practice Manager, AWS
Founder and CEO, StorySeller
Managing Partner, Ruxton Ventures, LLC.

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VOICE & AI | Oct 28-30, 2024 | Arlington, VA

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