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5 Reasons Why AI Use Cases Matter

Posted by Modev Staff Writers on Jun 12, 2023 12:00:00 AM

There’s so much AI hype like news stories, announcements, and marketing content. It's essential to gain clarity when it comes to AI strategy. That’s one of the reasons why we’re focusing on use cases at VOICE & AI 2023. Attending core sessions on use cases will help business leaders focus on repeatable practices that lead to success.

Use cases empower strategic planning for specific AI projects, outlining expected outcomes, necessary resources, and measurable success indicators like ROI and work efficiency. Here are five ways use cases can impact your business:

  1. Use Cases Define AI: Use cases are essential in implementing AI in marketing organizations. They allow strategic planning for specific AI projects, outlining expected outcomes, necessary resources, and measurable success indicators like ROI and work efficiency.
  2. Transition from Panic to Intentional Action: Concerns about AI's impact on jobs and business can lead to panic. However, the approach should be one of intentional and strategic application of AI that complements the unique needs of the business. Those who embrace and master AI will likely be more successful in their roles.
  3. Identifying a Use Case: Use cases should be based on real marketing needs and areas where the organization wants better results. Examples include repurposing content, versioning messages for individual content forms and unique audiences, generating secondary logo schematics, and supporting sales through market intelligence, smart content generation, and more.
  4. Typical Features of a Use Case: A well-thought-out use case should address a real marketing problem, have a clear goal, involve the appropriate data for training the AI, include the end-users for feedback, and identify potential internal barriers. The costs and risks associated with implementing the AI should also be calculated and considered.
  5. The Advantage of a Strategic Approach to AI: Intentional and strategic application of AI, supported by well-developed use cases, can yield better results for marketing organizations, and provide a competitive advantage. It enables organizations to move towards AI maturity and eliminates wasted efforts on aimless experimentation.

Here are some of the sessions at VOICE & AI that specifically address uses cases:

Discover your perfect use case at VOICE & AI with guidance from industry leaders, using real-world examples from content repurposing to smart content generation. You will learn how to build an impactful use case with clearly defined goals, the right data, and user involvement. We'll explore potential barriers, cost calculations, and risk management.

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