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Oct 28-30, 2024
Arlington, VA
Oct 28-30, 2024
Arlington, VA
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VOICE & AI | Oct 28-30, 2024 | Arlington, VA

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How To Improve Chatbot Performance With Wysdom's Chatbot Analytics

Posted by Modev Staff Writers on Aug 23, 2023 3:18:39 PM

So you've heard the hype about how AI chatbots can provide better customer experiences, sidestep hiring challenges, and reduce your operations costs. Now, your organization has put its shiny new AI chatbot in operation, and you're seeing none of that. You did everything right, so it must be that chatbots can't live up to their own hype. You'll just have to learn to live with an underperforming bot, right?


There may be nothing wrong with how your organization implemented and deployed its customer-facing chatbot. What's likely lacking is proper monitoring and actionable feedback based on advanced analytics algorithms to improve the quality and performance of your bot.

And we're not simply talking about containment here. Containment measures a chatbot's performance by gauging the number of times the chatbot transfers customers to a live agent: the fewer times that occurs, the higher the containment score. But your bot can consistently score high containment metrics while still falling short of AI chatbots' promise of better customer outcomes and reduced costs.

To assess your chatbot's true performance, you must move beyond traditional metrics and performance algorithms.

Enter Wysdom.

Advanced analytics and bot management company, Wysdom has been helping companies improve the quality and performance of their bot, primarily via their chatbot analytics software. The software, called the Operations Center, centralizes conversation data from virtual agents to live agents, and then processes it in a common nomenclature using AI-based analytics including topic models, sentiment analysis, large language models, and more to provide businesses with enhanced visibility into the inner workings of their chatbots. Wysdom's platform enables organizations to study, fix, improve, and upgrade the virtual agent experiences they provide to customers. In other words, Wysdom enables your chatbots to live up to the hype and deliver on their promises.

Privileging Topics Over Intent

As mentioned above, Wysdom's analytics platform goes way beyond simple metrics like containment. And that's key because high containment belies the overall  customer experience, and cost of your automated programs. Consider the following situations:

  • The customer hangs up on the chatbot despite their issue not being resolved, probably heading to more expensive channels.
  • The customer is sucked into a loop of confusing questions and answers before giving up.
  • The call reaches the resolution point, but the customer is given a solution that's less-than-ideal or outright "wrong."

Each of these scenarios clearly indicates that your bot is underperforming, leaving your customers frustrated, and costing way more than you realize. And yet, none of these situations have a negative impact on your containment numbers.

Wysdom gives businesses an added advantage over the analytics typically possible from the bot platforms, SQL queries, and manual investigation. It starts with grouping chatbot interactions into topics - the subject of customer queries. It then runs advanced analytics on those topics, and with over 200 metrics unique to chatbot performance, is able to provide you with a performance assessment that goes beyond simple containment - one that’s detailed and granular.

Those analytics provide deeper insights into your chatbots' real-world performance, grouped into three categories:

  • Bot Automation - Bot automation takes containment into account while going a step further to gauge whether your chatbot is actually resolving your customers' issues even when it doesn't forward the call to a live agent.
  • Bot Experience - Going beyond issue resolution, bot experience assesses how your customers feel about their experience. Bot experience analyzes signals within the conversation data, such as tone and prosody, to perform sentiment analysis, providing you with insights into your customers' emotional states.
  • Cost per Automated Conversation - Cost per automated conversation is more than simple accounting and budgeting and factors in many more data points, such as the volume of conversation on a given topic, the time to resolution, and whether the conversation required escalation to a live agent, to name but a few.

Don't reinvent the wheel - just use it better

The big takeaway here is not that organizations aren't able to deploy and use chatbots successfully. It's that they're missing out on the key insights that can make the experience transformative. 

There's a goldmine of insightful data points in your conversation streams - and they can make the difference between the ordinary and the magical. But traditional analytics will  only partially uncover them. Wysdom gives you the tools to identify those patterns within your customer interactions that can improve your chatbot's performance. 

Wysdom @ VOICE & AI

At Modev, we're all about highlighting the cutting edge in the Voice and AI space. And as such, we're proud of our partnership with Wysdom, who will be speaking at our VOICE & AI conference, happening September 5th through the 7th, at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC.

They have three talks scheduled for the event:

From Chaos to Clarity: The Three Metrics You Need to Improve Chatbot Performance

Ian Collins, CEO of Wysdom, will discuss how to cut through the noise of false metrics (like containment) and share his insights into the true performance indicators to take your chatbot to the next level.

An Introduction to Bot Management, a 4-step, Data-driven Approach to Building a Great Bot

Jay Athia, Senior Director of Customer Success at Wysdom, will provide a breakdown of what's needed to manage a great bot successfully. Jay will expand on all the steps critical to a bot improvement sprint.

Meet the Wysdom Operations Center: Chatbot Analytics Software

Jay Athia will also host a second talk showcasing Wysdom's platform, Operations Center, and provide an overview of its most coveted features. These include:

  • Bot Automation Score, Bot Experience Score, and Agent Experience Score
  • Conversation Topics
  • Conversation Analytics
  • Virtual Agent Analytics

Wrap Up

Whether your organization has deployed or is planning to deploy a chatbot, you'll want to be in attendance for these talks, as well as others. We hope to see you at VOICE & AI, September 5th through the 7th, at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC. You can register today at https://www.voiceand.ai/. And you can look at the complete conference program here.

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VOICE & AI | Oct 28-30, 2024 | Arlington, VA

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