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Veritone Just Changed the AI Game (Again)

Posted by Modev Staff Writers on Feb 27, 2023 12:00:00 AM

If you're here and reading this now, odds are you already know Veritone, a leading artificial intelligence tech firm based in Denver, Colorado. It's the creator of aiWARE, an extensible software infrastructure that enables organizations worldwide to deploy customized end-to-end, AI-enabled solutions uniquely tailored to their specific business needs.

Veritone Generative AI

Veritone recently released its latest offering: Veritone Generative AI. It's an enterprise-grade Platform-as-a-Service that natively supports and orchestrates public large language models and domain-specific large language models. That means Veritone Generative AI enables organizations to transform their proprietary data into custom, domain-specific LLMs and knowledge graphs and orchestrate them (i.e., combine them for maximum effect) with public LLMs. 

By now, most of us know just how powerful public LLMs are. Can you imagine harnessing the power of ChatGPT to turn your proprietary assets into predictive AI-generated content, creating enhanced human experiences, greater user engagement, and new revenue opportunities? Veritone didn't just imagine it; it made it happen.

As Veritone's CEO, Ryan Steelberg stated, "We are excited to see the business community and individuals start to adopt and appreciate the magnitude of generative AI. Veritone is leading the enterprise charge in this space. Our broad and diverse customer base, who have been benefiting from our aiWARE platform and technologies, will have immediate and integrated support for this new class of generative AI models, helping to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and open up new opportunities for growth. We will continue investing in this exciting area to make AI accessible, scalable, and affordable for every organization."

And he's not kidding. Here's a bird's eye view of just some of the industries poised to benefit from the deployment of Veritone Generative AI on aiWARE.

Talent Acquisition

Conversational AI can be used in recruiting to render the application process more engaging. By leveraging a combination of large-language models and domain-specific knowledge graphs, the AI model can ask or answer job-specific questions in any language and enrich the talent profile to position them in the best possible way for the job opportunity.

Advertising and Entertainment

The advertising and entertainment industries already use AI for content creation. But now, with Veritone Generative AI, they can create new types of content and more of it. Brands have the ability to become more accessible and extend their reach with AI-generated, pre-built assets such as multilingual content, ad promos, and images. 


Veritone Generative AI enables media partners to produce AI-powered seamless sports commentary, play-by-play, and pre-and post-game updates in multiple languages. This is achieved by leveraging program scheduling, in-game data, natural language processing, and AI-generated text and voice.

Law Enforcement

Rather than limiting law enforcement training and compliance to text-based documents and rudimentary videos, Veritone Generative AI can take it to the next level. By converting their data to a secure, domain-specific, large-language model managed by aiWARE, law enforcement agencies can summarize and communicate policies, recommendations, and mandates accurately, quickly, and efficiently. 

Looking Ahead

As an integral part of Veritone's aiWARE platform, Veritone Generative AI's capabilities are available via a native API. And Veritone's low-code workflow app, Automate Studio, will also be integrated into the enterprise platform moving forward. And beyond its current large language model support, Veritone plans to extend aiWARE's native support to powerful generative AI models for image and video generation, like DALL-E and other prompt-to-image and video models, by the second quarter of 2023. 

As Ashely Bailey, director of product marketing, AI voice, and emerging synthetic technologies at Veritone, said, "At Veritone, we believe in the democratization of AI. To achieve that in the application of these advances in AI, we need to combine capabilities into powerful, inclusive solutions. It will make engaging with a brand less obtuse and monolithic and activate a whole world of possibilities, from chatbots and customer service solutions to entertainment and fan or customer engagement opportunities, breathing life into the digital."

Wrap Up

So that was a bit of a sneak peek at Veritone's latest innovation. And it's a pretty big deal. Generative AI has changed the game. And if you want to play the new game, you're going to need tools like the aiWARE enterprise platform and Veritone Generative AI.

We look forward to experiencing the effects this tech will have on businesses worldwide. And we'll continue to shine a light on all the latest cutting-edge AI tech as soon as it hits the scene.

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